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As the leading provider of IBAN Payment and SEPA-compliant payment messaging, Accuity delivers a solution that helps efficiently process IBAN payment transactions and reduces the amount of time and money spent on errors and repairs.

IBAN Complete uses the most comprehensive and up-to-date bank routing information available.

IBAN Complete provides:

  • Validation of existing IBANs to minimise payment errors
  • Conversion of legacy bank account details to IBANs using country specific and bank specific rules and algorithms
  • Valid routing BICs for all IBAN compliant countries

As the provider of the official centralised register for the European Payments Council SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) and SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) schemes you can count on our data to fulfil your SEPA compliance needs. Accuity has been collaborating with The European Payments Council, the European Central Bank and the SEPA National Adherence Support Organisations in all SEPA countries to create the European Banking Directory, which is the definitive banking directory for SEPA.

IBAN Complete is available in a range of deployment options, including an online lookup tool for single or batch queries, a hosted web service, an embedded solution or a managed offering where our data analysts perform the service of IBAN conversion and validation.

To enable fast SEPA compliance, the IBAN Complete Screening Service validates existing IBANs and converts legacy account information using industry-leading processes. In addition, this service will provide bank information, including branch name and location, and will provide an associated BIC for payment routing. This service will flag or eliminate incorrect or incomplete payments data via a refreshed file that can be used immediately and provide a detailed report to help further improve payment efficiency.

IBAN Complete Screening Service Diagram

 Delivery options:

  • Access the online reference tool
  • Connect your systems to our data application
  • Embed our IBAN expertise into your systems
  • Engage with Accuity - let us review, and enhance your IBAN payment data

Learn more about SEPA compliance here.

  • Key Features

    • Convert legacy bank account details to IBANs
    • Obtain valid routing BICs for all IBAN compliant countries
    • Enable compliance with the SEPA Credit Transfer and SEPA Direct Debit Schemes


    Accuity is the official provider of the EBA Euro Priority Payment Scheme.

     European Payments council

    Accuity is the official provider of the European Payments Council SEPA adherence database.

      American Bankers Associaltion
    Accuity is the official registrar of American Bankers Association.


    "We have been using the Accuity IBAN File for some time and are very satisfied with it. Introducing the file helped significantly to increase the quality of Danske Bank's outgoing foreign payments."

    Anastasios Pashalidis, Head of Payment Processing
    Danske Bank


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  • We're pleased with the automatic connectivity to IBAN Complete as it increases our payment accuracies by providing the correct BIC to IBAN

    Irma Schlepfer, Head of Payments
    St. Galler Kantonalbank
  • Accuity's ability to customise solutions provided us with the flexibility we needed to validate and convert all of our vendor records. This has allowed us to save money and become more efficient.

    Majella Slevin, Manager Treasury Projects