Bankers Almanac Credit Risk

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An online database of extensive financial spread data, ratings and risk intelligence sourced directly from financial institutions worldwide.

A specialist module of Bankers Almanac, Credit Risk is designed to improve the speed and efficiency of your credit decision making by providing you with instant access to reliable and comparable risk information on thousands of regional and global financial institutions.

With all of the information sourced directly from the institutions, subjected to quality assurance procedures in-house and financials spread internally a transparent methodology Credit Risk eliminates the issues of inconsistencies and ambiguity of methodology when collecting and double-checking data from multiple sources.

  • Key Features

    • Comprehensive financial metrics including extensive bank performance ratios and spreads
    • Unlimited report creation, download and data export capabilities
  • Coverage

  • Key Data

    • Spread Financial Information
    • Credit Ratings
    • Personnel (Including Board Member Names)
    • Ownership
    • Regulators
    • Auditors
    • Legal Entity Data
    • Overseas Brand Network Information